Sunday, April 17, 2011

04. Camera Obscura

camera obscura: is Latin and directly translated it means: "darkened chamber/room." The dark box or room an optical device that projects an image of its surroundings on a screen.  The principles of the device have been known and experimented with by scientists and philosophers since the 4th century BCE.  "Camera obscura"

1. I chose to use two different sized cereal boxes as the body and the lens provided in class to create my camera obscura.
2. I used the bigger of the two boxes as my fixed body and cut a hole in the bottom for the lens to fit.
3. The lens was glued and taped into the hole from the inside of the camera.
4. I then taped some cardboard runners inside the box to allow the smaller box to fit snugly inside.
5. The smaller box's top and bottom were cut off leaving just a hallow space.
6. I also taped cardboard runners on the side of the smaller box.
7. Waxed paper was taped to on end of the box creating a plane for the image to be projected on.
8. The smaller box was cut down to size until the correct focal distance was found by a focused image being projected on the viewing plane.



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